One life – that’s what we’ve got.

Well, well, well here we are another month has gone by and I am still drinking!

I really do piss myself off big time. You see I know that I CAN do it. This year, starting on Feb 1st I had 80 days off the sauce, and only a month ago I managed 5 days fairly “easily”.

I signed up for Sober October which should have started 4 days ago……

Even now at 8.30 am I am thinking, it will be no problem, no booze tonight, one day at a time (sweet Jesus, that’s all I’m begging from you). Yet when 4 pm rolls around Wolfie will start whispering, murmuring, cajoling, and sniggering.

What would be SO great would be to be able to blog on here, and to say to myself and to anyone else if they happen to see this, that I AM NOT DRINKING!img_0661.jpg


The fantastical booze free life! Will I ever get there?

Okay well maybe the title of this blog is a lie, but it is what I am aiming for, and it is so very hard to achieve. This is my first ever blog, inspired by others that I follow, and that I find truly inspiring.

“Write a journal” is one of the mantras for recovery I keep reading, so here goes, even though I haven’t quite reached that place where I can face up to the fact I HAVE A DRINK PROBLEM. Funny how I can type that in capitals, and yet I still don’t quite 100% believe it to be the case.

So no this isn’t my day 1, not yet anyway, but I really, really, really hope that by starting to express my musings, that I might somehow or other reach that mindset.

Short and sweet, lots to say, but I am new to this blogging business and managed to completely lose a rather long “piece” that I wrote! Don’t run before you can walk Jude!